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What our Nations are up against!

What our Nations are up against!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


By Trace A. DeMeyer

No matter what I read, no matter how much is discussed, in my head and heart, I believe any child who has a natural parent (in this case a father like Dusten Brown) who wants his daughter Veronica - who fights in court to raise her - then he should be her parent. He is her parent!  That should not require any court to decide - that is common sense, a no-brainer. 

A child who is raised by her natural parent will not suffer as I did as an adoptee. That is reality.

Today I can tell my story, talk about meeting my birth-dad and not cry but it took nearly 40 years to find him and as many years to heal. Being adopted is so painful. I do not want that for Veronica.

In order to change the propaganda out there, we truly need to look at adoption and its history. As it was invented many years ago, adoption was for orphans - children without parents or other relatives. Poverty and war created orphan populations.  Yet Veronica is not an orphan and I wasn't an orphan (our mothers were alive) yet our mothers sold us and placed us for adoption. 

Over the years adoption definitely changed; now it's providing babies to infertile couples and has obviously perverted the entire process: like sealing and closing adoptions to ease the adopter's minds and permanently erase the adopted child's identity and ancestry on their birth documents. 

Those changes built the international adoption industry into a billion dollar booming business it is today, corrupt with specialized lawyers and adoption agencies who legitimatize taking babies and making money. 

Billions could and should be spent on family preservation, helping mothers and fathers to keep their children, even solving infertility that only seems to be getting worse - but the adoption industry keeps people focused on saving orphans.

There are children in need. Many of them. I recall the foster care training I had in Oregon and there were thick binders full of children-in-need, ready for new homes in the USA. The prevailing attitude about the children was/is they are damaged in some way and have memories of their natural parents - some kids were affected by neglect and abuse. Those faces I cannot forget - those children who need a new family. People are not lining up to adopt those children? WHY?

Giving children a family isn't what adoption is about anymore - it's about babies - and anxious couples who demand its a baby and will pay thousands for one. They'll travel overseas for one. They'll pay anything. They'll equate a baby as safe, and they'll make the baby into their family member as if a baby doesn't grow up and ask questions: Who am I? What happened? Why was I given up? Where is my mother?

The miseducation of couples who wish to adopt a baby has permeated America thanks to adoption propaganda. Read my post THE END RESULT:

Willful ignorance, bad information or insufficient education, to me none are acceptable or an excuse anymore. With the internet, there is plenty for potential adoptive parents to read, if they open their mind and take their time. Take a look at this website that offers many links and perspectives on Veronica Brown:

There are many blogs about adoption from many different perspectives: From an adult adoptee. From a birthmother. From an adoptive parent who wanted the adoption open.  From a Texas woman who adopted from Russia and gave back the child and cautions others not to adopt overseas. From transracial adoptees like me.

I have blogged about the Indian Adoption projects and programs and this dark chapter of history for four years. I have explained how the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 was necessary to stop the wholesale removal of Indian children from their families and tribes. I found survivors of these projects. Some have shared how they found their way back to their reservations and united with their families, right here on this blog and in the anthology Two Worlds. 

Writing my memoir and this blog changed my beliefs about adoption. My priorities: we repatriate Native adoptees back to their families. We can give children-in-need new parents under new laws called legal guardianship.  We abolish adoption entirely, open all the sealed adoption files. We give birthfathers the legal rights to raise their own children.  Most of all, we MUST stop selling babies. We close adoption agencies and prosecute the traffickers.

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where were you adopted?

where were you adopted?