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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Nightlight Adoption Agency: Power Money and Corruption #BABY VERONICA

Visit Cassi’s Adoption Truth! She has taken the court transcripts from Adoptive Couple vs Baby Girl and put the facts and half truths in a timeline that really does tell the story.

Click: Veronica Rose Brown – A Father’s Fight


From Claudia's blog Musings of the Lame:

Unethical is LEGAL and Acceptable in AdoptionLand

First off, I NEED you to keep in mind that while we are horrified that this could happen to a father and he has to fight for the right to parent his own daughter, remember that THIS HAPPENS EVERYDAY in ADOPTIONLAND.  Everyday, an adoption agency and adoption attorneys play this game to keep biological fathers in the dark because it makes the ADOPTIONS EASIER!  And, yes, it is wrong, it is unethical but it is LEGAL because as a society we have turned away from caring about the rights of the natural families, and care only about whether or not people get the children that they so desire. It is legal because the adoption laws in this country have been influenced by the powerful adoption attorneys and agencies who make a profit from the separation of families and therefore, want to break up even more. It is legal because those who are hurt by these laws do not have the power, the money or the influence to fight these laws and when we do, people dismiss it by saying “that’s an exception, many adoptions are beautiful.”

Ethics? Not with Power, Money, and Influence in Adoption

The other thing I want you to please look at is this excellent diagram that was making it’s way around Facebook and is credited to my knowledge to Heidi Mowry. Can we think about the power, the money or the influence connected to Matt and Melanie Capobianco?
Capobianco Connections to corruption and Veronica's roses unethical adoption

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What our Nations are up against!

What our Nations are up against!

To Veronica Brown

Veronica, we adult adoptees are thinking of you today and every day. We will be here when you need us. Your journey in the adopted life has begun, nothing can revoke that now, the damage cannot be undone. Be courageous, you have what no adoptee before you has had; a strong group of adult adoptees who know your story, who are behind you and will always be so.

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Did you know?

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Help in available!
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