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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Almost Dead Indians: Atrocity (excerpt)

BOOK Excerpt:


Dead Indians

Ok, we are going to start here with some dots. You and I will connect them.

In one year, 1851, the United States paid out more than $1 million in bounties for Indian scalps.  (We’d be really dead Indians then.)  Pequot scalps?  The bounty was $100 in colonial times. $100 is like a million dollars today, right?

Figure 4 1863

“…We must not shy away from the past and the things that have hurt us. We must not bury our truths. We must embrace and remember who we are and who the Great Creator intended us to be.  Indian people have carried a heavy burden and responsibility.  It is only with the preservation of our cultural identity and language will we find our way back to the people we were meant be.  It is for these reasons, preserving our culture and helping our ancestral memories to live is so very important.  Especially at this time.  For if not now, then when will we wake up and regain our freedoms, inside ourselves?  Our heritage and culture are what makes us Indian people.  We have a responsibility to our youth and to the future generations to show them who they are.  Children will always be representative of our own actions.”Moses Brings Plenty (Oglala Lakota) He’s a musician in the band Brule (Paul LaRoche is an adoptee).  Moses is an enrolled tribal member from the Pine Ridge Oyate (Reservation).  He’s known for his recurring role on Sheridan’s Yellowstone, as well as the role of Ottawa Jones in Showtime’s The Good Lord Bird.  He has also has portrayed “Crazy Horse,” “Sitting Bull,” and many other historical Indian warriors. He also serves as American Indian consultant/producer on many of Sheridan’s productions, where he ensures the authenticity of all American Indian storylines, set design, hair and make-up, and costumes.  


Figure 5 CLIPPING, Minnesota, 24 October 1897 $100 paid for one scalp in that county and $200 for another… “Suppressing Indians War?”  Over SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for SCALPS?  ($7,870.06 in 1897, today’s dollar value = $260,110.00)

 Yes, for 500+ years it’s been an ongoing crime against humanity, genocide, collecting scalps, bounties for dead Indians, slavery, then murder the truth and collect our bones. 

Here is one more example:  

It was so simple (too simple) to use “disease” for massive die-offs of Indian people (for their lack of immunity to germs) (yeah, right), instead of calling it what it was:   germ warfare and murder.  Just look at Lord Jeffery Amherst.  (Right now I know scholars investigatingmany imported British poisons produced massive deaths when victim’s bodies looked like small pox that had killed them… clever, right?)  Among the damning evidence are letters written in 1763 between officers of the British military detailing plans to send a plague among the “vermin” to eradicate them.   READ:


Reckoning 1

(Kirker KILLED and SCALPED 130 men, women and children.)

They perfected their guns and poison on our bodies.  They made war on us.  They wiped out entire villages.  Giving diseased blankets to expose First Nations people to smallpox is pretty well-known; it created a decisive advantage in war and conquest against Indigenous People everywhere.  The weaponization of “pathogens” like small pox and “poisons” in tainted alcohol (like wine) (early bio-weapons) have been a coveted area of military machinery for a very long time….a very very long time.


(request a free pdf of this entire book:


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