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Monday, January 21, 2019

My Top Three: Difficulty for the Adoptee Search


By Trace L Hentz  (Wisconsin adoptee since 1958)

I want the readers to know how difficult it can be to search for a birthparent. If you are an adoptee, you already know!

One: You don't really get much help with the non-identifying information! Most states offer it free. Unless you're a psychic, you'll have no help to find BOTH SIDES of your family. Most of us were given up for adoption because our mother wasn't married. His name won't be in the paperwork, not usually.

Two: At age 18 an adoptee may request a search for birth parent(s) identity and location and a copy of his or her impounded birth certificate.  There are conditions. I paid $75 for a court order and had to wait to see if the judge would release my file. The judge said YES - but he/she could have said NO. AND I already knew and listed my birth parents names and dates of their death. I knew all that information - yes - but I still wanted to read my file. I'M SO GLAD I GOT MY FILE!

Three: Reading about Wisconsin laws where I was adopted, the state would require AN AFFADAVIT - from both birthparents? Really? So they can find and contact my birthparent but not me? They are MY parents. This bureaucracy is completely ridiculous.  Do you think they make it difficult so an adoptee will give up?

They didn't write these laws for adoptees. NO! They wrote them to make it next to impossible for an adoptee to find out anything. 

DNA tests are becoming the norm for an adoptee so we can find relatives FASTER and with much less headache.

(My comments are in parenthesis)

Wisconsin: How the Law Affects Adoptees

  • When an adoptee is 18 years old, he/she can request medical and genetic information about his/her birth relatives and non-identifying social history information. 

(What good is that? Little help, very little hope.)

  • Upon written notification from a licensed medical provider, the Department of Children and Families or another licensed adoption agency must make every effort to notify an adoptee, 18 years or older, if a birth parent(s) or sibling has developed a genetically transferable disease or condition. 

(Now this would be a very scary situation, a letter or phone call you wouldn't expect. Why wasn't our medical information available to the adoptive parents at the time of birth?)

  • Also, at age 18 an adoptee may request a search for birth parent(s) identity and location and a copy of his or her impounded birth certificate. 

(Impounded - really?)

  • Identity and location of birth parent(s) will not be disclosed unless an affidavit of consent has been signed by birth parent(s).  If a court has legally determined paternity, or the father's name appears on the impounded birth certificate, affidavits usually will be needed from both birth parents. 

(THEY can find them? What if she remarried and changed her name? What if she doesn't admit who is the father? So many unknowns while the adoptee waits and WAITS!)

  • If the birth parent(s) files the necessary affidavits of consent, identity and location of the birth parent(s) and the impounded birth certificate will be released upon request. 

(How long will that take? How much will it cost an adoptee?)

  • If affidavits of consent are not on file, a search for the birth parent(s) will be conducted. If located, the birth parent(s) has the option of signing an affidavit of consent to release identifying information. 

(Obviously the state has resources to search for our parents - they have money to do that. Why should either birthparent consent to give me my own information? Why did the state law offer them that option? It's MY information. Why don't they end these archaic laws? The adoption industry makes BILLIONS of dollars. I do know its about making "forever families" and adoptees are simply the commodity. These laws protect the adoption agencies, the state and the adoptive parents.)


  1. Dear Trace ,I agree with all your words about their made up laws .The Senator said that he was ashamed how the house allowed their house to be torn apart .The laws were out of context yes too old to even stand .He was ashamed that he was associated with this office.That was his words not mine and he could be any name so their is no slander and no spam as I am a US citizen or does that even matter if one was born here in America with rights ,but they were rearranged and changed like a magician before our eyes then and now a law that says A Forever Familiy-How can that even be as people don't live forever as humans to begin ?so technically their law can't cut butter !Not one human but our Lord Jesus Christ could be considered the highest as human -holy spirit > to those that still believe theirs a God as this goes for our constitution and we mothers and adoptees are victims due to what they took away and that was our rights on this soil to read,understand and live by what our forefathers had written in the Declaration of Indepence -Where is we the people ? The free people that have caused no wrong such as stealing (coveting) God himself was a part of the constitution as to how to run this huge land USA but greed set it and turned a word into Forever ''That is a deceptive word to be used to say that other couples not related to babys ,children should never have real parents and what the laws the Industry says is the adoptive couples are the only ones Parent fit to raise children til their grown ,no matter about papers they have wealth and it can buy anything -even the babies that are illegal to sell ,unless they make up their own law and put a sign up that says adoption agency.Who knows when they get their full way anyone can sell babies off the street and tax free unless maybe the law says they must pay a fee to sell a child and that would come from WHAT OFFICE??? Just had to say something .We are getting bashed every turn no matter /Judgement is heavy on adoption and it should be -but the deniars (the adoptives) say yes we are better of a people is slander to begin with.Who made them President? Oh I forgot did he ever get his real adoption papers?Trace of course I want you to edit my words as sometimes I can't get the words in correct places and such .All I want is for you to see if its alright cause you know better,Forgetfullness is not on my side.<3

    1. Free, You don't need editing. Yes, the system called adoption is a business and moms and child are their commodity.


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