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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

PENN STATE SCANDAL - Sandusky also an adopter

WTF? Does it really go that high up the food chain?

BLOG.AMYADOPTEE.COM published "WTF? Does it really go that high up the food chain?" on 11/15/2011 written by Amy Adoptee.

I have been paying attention to the "child molestation charges against Sandusky" news. I want to try and steer the negative implications away from the university, Penn State. The entire school isn't bad. Their athletic department leaves much to be desired. My concerns, however, have always been with The Second Mile charity established by Jerry Sandusky. They are a foster care type of agency that allowed a pedophile run amok with the children charged in their care. Sandusky and his wife even adopted a child from that agency. I find it hard to believe that no red flags came up at all. Ironically even the Westboro Baptist Church got it right this time.

Let's look at the characters involved in this melodrama. Sandusky is of course the disgusting perp in this mess. Paterno is the coach. McQueary is the grad student who saw Sandusky getting his kicks with a young boy. Tim Curley and Gary Schultz supposedly covered it up. Graham Spanier was President of the university at the time all of this happened. Jim Calhoun was another witness that has "dementia." Wendell Courtney worked as counsel for both the university and The Second Mile charity (DING DING DING).

Ironically the charity is now being represented by the former Philadelphia district attorney, Lynne Abraham to represent them because Wendell Courtney (see above DING DING DING) resigned last week.

Ray Gricar (DING DING DING) went missing and was recently declared dead this past July. However, his disappearance raises questions on a major level as another blogger suggested. Believe me, it entered my brain too. He did not prosecute this case when it could have been stopped but he also did not prosecute a football player, Scott Paxson,for rape either. It could have been for a lack of evidence but also his brother also committed suicide too.

Finally someone at the state level is looking into The Second Mile Charity. The heat brought about the resignation of Jack Raykovitz. The governor of Pennsylvania is a calling for an investigation into the agency. Finally! They need to be investigated fully and totally. Every one of their donors need to be investigated and fully vetted. This agency allowed a pedophile around children who needed protection not more abuse. He is rumored to have even pimped those children to some of the rich donors. Bad thing is that this agency probably had connections in Texas as well as New York.

Interestingly, another article points out a certain judge and her ties to The Second Mile organization. She let Sandusky post a $100,000 unsecured bail when the state was asking for $500,000 at least. He does not have to wear any kind of leg monitor or be monitored at all. She donated to The Second Mile Program and even participated in its events. Geez, I think that is a conflict of interest there, sweetie! According to news articles, she is now being investigated by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to see if her capabilities as a judge and her involvement with the Second Mile might force her to recuse herself from the bench.

As far as NBC's interview with Sandusky, he admits to showering with these boys. Excuse me, that is even dangerously close to sexual abuse. I would be uncomfortable if my teacher or someone that I respected did that with me. He even sounds pervy in the interview with that soft voice. EWWWWWWW!


[A 10-year-old child does not initiate sexual contact with an adult - Sandusky is a pedophile, despite what he said this morning on NBC ...Trace]


  1. This is one of those things that just blows my mind. No one is saying anything about the agency involved, The Second Mile. It frustrates me so much. November Adoption Bewareness bloggers need to scream at the top of their lungs over this.

  2. Amy, we have the news media who hopefully will do a good job filling in the blanks. You did a great blog and I know that we will learn more eventually. I am sure the lawyer for Sandusky is going to blame the children or declare the coach insane - in any case, this guy deserved prison time for a LONG TIME.

  3. Hopefully the whole of this grim story will come out eventually and justice will be done for the victims of the paedophile involved and all those who supported him, covered for him and condoned his actions.Paedophilia is very often in high places which is how it gets covered, excused and the victims further abused by the neglect to see justice done.Part of Penn may have a culture of abuse, it remains to be seen.

  4. First quote I learned in high school might be of use to anyone reading this piece. It says, ``Ignorance of the law is no excuse.`` That is actually written into the law. Next, lets say someone tells you that they witnessed a crime. You go to the police and you tell them who told you this. Lets say they talk to the witness and they tell the police they didn´t witness anything or worse yet they lied to you. You have in essence just laid the groundwork for being charged with filing a false police report and they prosecute people for this. So, Joe Paterno didn´t have grounds to go to the police.

  5. Right now no one´s reporting that Paterno witnessed it. He did however, report the incident to his superior(s) and gave them the name of the witness. When you hold such a position with a university or company, you are bound by a contract ``not to disclose anything that might damage the reputation of said establishment.`` If he or the witness would´ve gone to the police it would be seen as a breaking of their contract with the university. They could not only be fired but could´ve been held financially responsible for any and all damages from it on the university and each person that they´d name in it.

  6. So, what did the witness say he saw? He said he saw this man in the shower with a boy and he was soaping up the boy´s shoulders. According to the law this could be considered gross sexual imposition but maybe not. The law is strange in that it labels each degree of any action, whether it be rape, mollestation, etc. If you really want to know what the media should be reporting on you should educate yourself about the laws pertaining to such things. As a person we think that nothing should stop a person from reporting such a thing to the police. It´s repugnant and repulsive to say the least. Then, we come to proof or evidence. The court has to see something viable that they can examine and test in order to establish innocense or guilt. This is why child mollestation is so hard to prove. Unless the act is violent in nature it may go unproven for years. When enough people come forward having had the same experience that´s different. Given they have not talked to one another prior about said events it might be possible to convince a judge or jury of the events they experienced. The balance of belief is based upon the reputations of those who say they were violated. In the case of children this is very hard to prove on their say so. This is because kids don´t always tell the truth and have been known to tell tall tales. Until they reach the age of 10 I believe it is, they cannot be placed on the stand. Even then, their maturity to give witness testimony is based upon a psychologist´s evaluation.

  7. Our laws and legal system is based upon the values of men for the most part. The protesting and hard work of women and men to change the laws regarding rape, alone, has been very hard. It has taken alot of years and very often high judges, men, have blocked attempts to change these laws to protect the women it affects. Question why children are even less protected than animals. Anyone heard of The Man Boy Love movement? They´ve even posted photos online advocating that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this form of love. The photos are of a huge group of men standing side by side with boys. Did the law do anything about this? No! It´s like a private club among other numerous clubs that advocate things that should be against the law. If they are not protected by law enforcement are they protected by the law itself? Something or someone should´ve done something to look up all those in the photos and have a good long talk with each one of them. The things that those in power and in different parts of society do are protected by powers that most of us think belong somewhere else, not in our town or area. It dosen´t happen where we live. People hate to think what such a thing would do to their property values, the qualities of their lives, etc. So, it comes down to who is more valuable, us or them. It´s the same in adoption. Those in the power to allow adoptions cover their butts with the law but who helped write the laws pertaining to such, state and local? States and counties are low on revenue of late. I have noticed that when times get tough peoples´ kids are taken away more. They have to be put through therapy, medical testing, etc. The parents are made to pay. When they can´t, society pays. Anyway you look at it we´re all paying for what our gov´ts want. If we don´t give it to them willingly they will enact legislation to make us pay it. Bills are passed by those in office, not by us! It´s the law that is the problem and the people who write those laws. I hope this helps to educate you to the details.


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