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Friday, November 8, 2013

Facebook discussing Dusten Brown, Jessica Munday #BABY VERONICA

Tara Servatius Full Text:
Yesterday on WTMA I questioned how the Capobiancos could tell Dr. Phil last week that Veronica's biological family would be involved in her life -- and then this week attempt to ruin her biological father, Dusten Brown financially by allowing their attorneys to sue him and the Cherokee Nation for $1 million. The suit cannot go forward without the Capobiancos giving attorneys who worked for them PRO BONO the right to sue, which it appears they are doing out of spite. Is this in Veronica's best interest? 
Here's the response I got from the Capobianco's spokesperson Jessica Munday: "Veronica is doing wonderfully and the attorneys have every right to sue the Cherokee Nation. Come on Tara. You know that Brown isn't going to have to pay a dime. She is home where she should be and her teen years will be far from hell. The fact of the matter is that Veronica's birth father should have never taken her in the first place. The US Supreme Court confirmed our belief that this was wrong. More than 30 attorneys DONATED their time for nearly two years (think about that and let is sink in for a moment). This was and always has been about a birth mother that was abandoned, chose life for her child and gave her a better life than she could provide and a set of parents that did what any parents would do to reunite with their daughter. As a mother and woman, you should be appalled. A state court erroneously allowed her birth father to rip her from her family and keep her isolated from them and her birth mother for more than 20 months. This adoption occurred solely because he unequivocally rejected his parental rights. Perhaps you are unaware that he testified that he was more than happy to relinquish his parental rights so long as Veronica’s birth mother assumed full responsibility for Veronica. In other words, he made it clear that Veronica was not his problem, at least when it came to parental responsibilities. The blatant lawlessness by the birth father and his Tribe created an enormously dangerous situation for an innocent child whom the birth father and Tribe sequestered on tribal lands away from her only parents. Thankfully, with support from many incredible people, intelligent and dedicated people, we were able to bring Veronica back home where she belongs."


  1. I already thought these people were greedy, spiteful human beings, but now they're suing him and the Cherokee Nation? They've already found a way to "legally kidnap" a child, but now they're going to further victimize Dusten and the Nation. They're not good people.

    The Warrior Muse

  2. Jessica Munday of Trio Solutions in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina and her crew of Bradley Caricofe and Jennifer Cherock launched a vicious campaign to smear the name of Veronica's biological father. And Munday's team paraded the Baby Veronica case all over national television and Dr Phil as well. Is this the kind of public fanfare future adoptees must endure? Munday's clients include the Medical University of South Carolina Children's Hospital and MST Services in SC, which Veronica's adoptive mother Melanie Capobianco (employed as Melanie Duncan) works with violent juvenile offenders. This is terribly ironic. If Munday and Trio Solutions and Melanie Capobianco are so concerned about Veronica's welfare and claim to be supportive of children's services, then they have placed this young child at the center of a media circus. How tragic for Veronica.

  3. Yah, and Jessica Munday and her crew have engaged in the most unethical and underhanded PR tactics throughout this entire affair. I mean, why would anyone hire this woman? The kids at her firm think they are "stars" and have inflated egos. I'd stay miles away from them.

  4. Don't forget munday's IT tech at trio solutions is Brad Caricofe whose mud slinging at dusten was anything short of juvenile. caricofe has never mentioned any college degree which might explain his ignorance of American Indian law and his right-wing views. I think it was disgusting of Brad Caricofe (or Bradley caricofe) to smear dusten's record which was irrelevant to the case yet brad never mentioned that his name shows up on databases with his own criminal record as well.

    It is also ironic that Jessica Munday’s trio solutions helped out with an event for the African American Historical Alliance. Now munday would think twice about supporting a white couple who wanted to adopt a black child against the bio mom’s wishes. After all, she and her firm would not want to be accused of racism and lose her client!


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