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Monday, August 12, 2013

#BabyVeronica Case – David v. Goliath

Don't let Ronnie become a LOST CHILD
I have been writing this Op-Ed for INDIAN COUNTRY TODAY MEDIA for a few weeks. There are links to the PR campaign "The Coalition for the Protection of Indian Children and Family" being led by the Christian Alliance and Jessica Munday to "SAVE" Baby Veronica and take from her dad Dusten and they are lobbying to end the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Read here at

A new comment on ICT:

The PR agent friend Munday's company, notes that she specializes in social media including edits to wikipedia pages. This might explain why when Munday's PR campaign is brought up on some discussion sites, those posts get heavily downvoted by multiple accounts, which act behaviorally like sockpuppet armies controlled by one firm. Much more disturbing than that is this organization the Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare. Their website sells a book "Dying in Indian Country" which establishes clearly that their goal is not just to end the ICWA, but to "fight" tribal "sovereignty", and to pursue a termination policy that ends "the reservation system", which it calls "socialist". Termination of the reservations and of indian sovereignty would of course allow a lot of things, like sales of reservation lands to corporations who need unfettered access to minerals, gas and oil. Who knows who is really behind these web sites or what their real goal is, given the end game they are pursuing would be so convenient to profitable aims for so many non-indian parties. There is an agenda behind this case that has little to do with adoption and everything to do with this being a test case to assault the ICWA and tribal sovereignty. These goals are even stated explicitly when looking closely at the stated goals of some of the players. This knowledge suggests some possibilities about where the mother's "free" attorneys might be getting their incentive to sue the government to end the ICWA, and onwards legally from that step.

Please read and share the link on social media and with your family and friends.....

...and a very revealing yet disturbing update on Christy Maldonado, the birthmother:


  1. Trace,
    I just wanted to thank you for keeping us all up to date on everything Dusten and Veronica Brown related. As you know, I am half out of my mind over this legalized kidnapping. At least your blog is helping me stave off my pending nervous breakdown for another day.

    1. Hi Robin, You are welcome. Watching the CBS Nightly News coverage and yelling at the TV is not exactly healthy for me either - the slant and pity for the adopters is killing me - how can the world be that ignorant to what is happening here. I pray for Ronnie constantly and for her entire family in OK.

    2. "- how can the world be that ignorant to what is happening here."

      I truly do not know. It seems the adoption industry has so brainwashed people that those who are not directly affected by adoption don't understand that children with a loving, caring, biological parent do NOT NEED adoptive parents. I feel like I am watching evil unfold right before my eyes, yet am powerless to stop it.

    3. Great Spirit is watching over Ronnie and the entire family. Many are praying for added strength for the Brown family. Dusten has shown great courage and he's greatly respected in Indian Country. There are thousands of people praying and thinking good thoughts for the whole family. We fight the ignorance with truth.


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