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Monday, June 27, 2016

Come Home | Calling All Poets

To all that hurt because of culture lost
I have felt your pain.
To all who are angry because the connection seems broken
I have been there too.
To all who are still reaching and searching
I offer these words:
The dreams and the songs live in the earth;
Come Home.
Even if most are assimilated,
Even if some that dance are not worthy,
Even if you have to stop romancing the culture,
Come home.
Come and let go.
Stay open even through the heartache.
Walk the land with clear eyes, and ears.
If there is language, learn it.
Because perhaps it is you
That will "catch" the song and bring it back.
Do not ever give up on your culture
In spite of the hardness of those that are left.
I have been through all of these things,
And I will not go away.
There will be more generations to come
And then we will be the Elders.
What will you remember
And what will you pass on?

Judi Brannan Armbruster, is a direct descendant of Ah Ish Ka’a, Full Blood Karuk of northern California. In the mid 90’s, she returned to ancestral territory to find some connection and instead found the threads of her poetic voice. She is 65 years old, married, and the mother of one daughter. Her poetry is found on the internet, in literary magazines and anthologies. Judi’s poetry covers the journey out of an abusive home, through two abusive relationships, and finally to healing as she connected with her Tribal roots and grounded herself in Nature. Come Home is a part of the journey to claim her place in the world.


Calling All Poets

Blue Hand Books is seeking poetry submissions for an upcoming publication; book four in our collection, The Lost Children book series.  Author Patricia Busbee is editing this volume. (The title of the new book is still taking shape). We are interested in both emerging and established writers.  Heartfelt and genuine writing is valued.  We are looking for pieces that address the often overlooked and complex histories of American Indian First Nations.  Areas of particular interest are Indian-boarding schools, adoption and foster care.  We are also interested in these issues from a contemporary perspective. 
There is an August 1st deadline. We accept poems of any length. Send up to three poems. We like free verse, prose poems, experimental and traditional forms. Please include a bio with your submission. Also include a URL to your blog or website, if applicable.  Please send submissions to Book Editor or BHB Publisher
A few ideas to spark your creative process: Buried trauma, raw truths, ancestors, ancestral memory, reclaiming, reimagining, the healing power of the land, coming home, full circle and future generations.
[Writers will be compensated in book copies.]
Book One: Two Worlds
Book Two: Called Home: The Roadmap (second edition coming soon)
Book Three: Stolen Generations

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Did you know?


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What our Nations are up against!

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Help in available!
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