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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Remember Baby Veronica? Prayer Request anyone?

No Joke: Capobianco supporter, Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare, sends out prayer request for “child’s best interest”

prayer_requestA couple weeks ago I wrote about an ICWA  law  forum  being held  (2013) today in St. Paul.  (I’m posting this early Tuesday morning/.)
Sunday, the misnamed  anti-ICWA Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare. (CAICW) operated by non-Indian Lisa Morris, sent up a tizzyful prayer on Facebook:  Ms Morris, in case you’re you’re not familiar with her, is a graduate of Bible College (unnamed), has “dabbled as a registered nurse” (her words)  and is an active member of the Minnesota Tea Party. She believes (at least on paper) that prayer is the greatest weapon against ICWA, If the US were a sane country, Ms. Morris would be left standing on a street corner passing out tracts to the unsaved and unwashed. Instead she’s running an anti-civil rights organization.
CAICW (or Ms. Morris)  urges us:
Please lift up the ICWA forum taking place on Tues, Oct. 29, in the Twin Cities. It is called “Implications for Working with Fathers in Indian Child Welfare Practice.”
Please pray that the “best interest of children” become not only clear, but vitally important to the majority of those present – and that misrepresentations and abuses of children by certain tribal leaders and advocates be exposed.
Excuse me!
Look carefully at the title of the forum:Implications for Working with Fathers in Indian Child Welfare Practice.  It appears that our prayer warriors,.siding with  adoption industry  ur-sleaze, believe that if evoked loud enough God will gag, bind, and smite  Indian men (and men in general probably) who grasp their parental rights in disputed child relinquishment  cases. Men who can’t keep it in their pants don’t deserve to rear a child. Christian paps, as we all know, have never soiled their bed outside of marriage.
I dare say if the forum were Implications for Working with Mothers in Indian Child Welfare Practice  we’d  have a different prayer request since women, with only mild sexual agency (according to evangelical adoptonists), are simply seduced and abandoned by rotters, who I’ve previously  noted, can’t keep their pants on  It’s OK to trash responsible unmarried fathers, CAICW tells us.  But unmarried mothers?  Women as baby producers, hold all the cards–that is, the product,  and in disputed relinquishment cases  our do-gooders aren’t about to kill the goose. Women can, instead,  just be cajoled, bribed, and threatened with a future of nothing.  Not that CAICW suggests that God would approve that prayer petition..
It takes a lot of gall  for CAICW to pray for “best interest” when their poster child Veronica Brown was not granted a routine child’s best interest hearing before she was tossed into the grabby arms of the crazy Capobiancos. If a hearing had been held– a hearing which the USSC certainly expected would be held– she’d be back in Oklahoma where she belongs with her dad Dusten Brown and stepmom Robin and grandparents. Instead, she’s being paraded around for photo ops in Charleston by her pretend parents,
But what if…
CAICW  gets what it prays for and the child’s best interest “rule” actually is taken seriously by adoption agencies and  courts? That would shove CAICW’s grubby ass right back into to the christianist cultural appropriation muck  with a great big plop.
Let us pray!
indian mission schoolThe historic role of christian missions in the destruction of native culture is well documented. The recent Brown case has reminded us not only of historical record, but that attempts to dismantle tribal culture, language, property rights, natural resources, and families continue in the effort to make other people rich and to save the souls of the heathen.
In The missionary is back: or perhaps they never left,  published a few days ago, Shawnee-Cherokee adoptee writer Trace DeMeyer  summarizes past mission practices,  puts  CAICW in its historical context, and condemns CAICW’s attempt to gut Indian protections and bring back colonization in the form of  humanitarian intervention. (my term). She reminds us that Indians are  capable of taking care of their own families without the pious interference of the descendants of Calvin and Knox.
What has happened in Indian Country since colonial invasion is not their concern as missionaries – but they do want to freely adopt out those poor kids off the rez.  Is this a new thing? Absolutely not.  This type of missionary zeal was the reason behind the Indian Child Welfare Act to begin with:  White people taking Indian kids (for boarding schools and closed adoptions) caused a genocide and despair and collapse of culture that is still being felt today…
...History will repeat itself until Christians like Lisa  [Morris] begin to understand sovereign tribes are handling their own Indian Child Welfare cases since ICWA was passed in 1978, and are working every day to heal the mess left by colonialism and earlier missionaries like Lisa.

Chrissi Nimmo
“Bad Indians” Chrissi Nimmo and Dusten Brown. How uppity can they get?

I  know it’s popular to say that “ignorance” is no excuse for racism   I suppose it’s not…. but really.    These CACIW people (and other self-righteous baybee grabbers) despite their squawks  are so hateful, so ill-informed, so white pickety fence, so full of themselves, so christo-fascist that willful ignorance can be the only explanation.  Nothing fixes that. ICWA, they argue, is racist because it interferes with their white privilege of child appropriation, a privilege they’ve never examined without their rose colored glasses hanging from their pointy noses… Their “special right” to an Indian child does not extend to tribal and parental rights to their own children. Anyone who disagrees with these nutballs is guilty of promoting child abuse and “racism.”  Adoptess shut up!
Last night I posted a short comment, now removed by CACIW,  on its FB page under the law forum prayer request  thread.  (CAICW issues lots of prayer requests)  I sent something like this:
Speaking of “best interest” Veronica Brown was not given a child’s best interest hearing.  The adopted class is rising.
I know!  But the Devil was whispering in my ear. I added a couple more tonight, which no doubt will be gone soon.
As of a little while ago  the responses to the law forum prayer request thread (including mine that I put up a few hours ago), are posted below. The comments  display an alarming amount of  anger, disgust, ridicule and downright hatred  towards Chrissi Nimmo,  the AG for the Cherokee Nation who defended the tribe against Capobianco  Veronica lust... Commentators, also exhibit an unhealthy degree of animosity to anyone who disagrees with their narrow views on adoption and tribal sovereignty. How dare they! As usual, bastards don’t count.


[I remember Veronica and send her constant good thoughts for what is ahead... Trace]

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