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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dignified Dusten Brown, Father of Ronnie #BABY VERONICA

Cherokee Nation Attorney General comments on transfer of custody of Veronica Brown

TAHLEQUAH, Okla –Tonight (September 23) around 7:30pm central time, Veronica Brown was peacefully and voluntarily transferred to her adoptive parents, Matt and Melanie Capobianco. The transfer was completed at the will of Dusten Brown, after the Oklahoma Supreme Court lifted the stay of transfer of custody for four year old Veronica.

The transfer, although emotional for the Brown family, was peaceful and dignified. It was not ordered or supervised by law enforcement, rather Dusten Brown willfully cooperated with today’s order.

Dusten and his wife Robin packed two bags for Veronica, one with clothing and one with toys. Dusten told Veronica how much he and the rest of the family love her, and that he would see her again. Following their emotional goodbyes, Veronica was transported from her home by a Cherokee Nation attorney, to a location approximately a quarter mile away where the Capobiancos were waiting.

She was strapped into a car seat by that attorney, told again how much her father loved her and left with the Capobiancos.

Dusten Brown was just as brave today, as we he was when he fought for our country in Iraq. Although this is not something any parent should ever have to do, we could not be more proud of the dignity and courage with which he carried himself.

We are deeply, deeply saddened by the events of today, but we will not lose hope. Veronica Brown will always be a Cherokee citizen, and although she may have left the Cherokee Nation, she will never leave our hearts.

We hope the Capobiancos honor their word that Dusten will be allowed to remain an important part of Veronica’s life. We also look forward to her visiting the Cherokee Nation for many years to come, for she is always welcome. Veronica is a very special child who touched the hearts of many, and she will be sorely missed.

--Todd Hembree, Cherokee Nation Attorney General

Coverage of Transfer of Veronica to Adoptive Couple

Tulsa World here.

SCOTUSblog here.

Indian Country Today here.
In Indian Country - Ronnie has reminded us there are new stolen generations - and she needs us to pray for her and for her strength - This child is a Cherokee - sacred - all our children are sacred and sovereign - and we will not stop fighting for our children - NEVER ever.... it is not done...when one of us suffers we all suffer...Trace   (more on this later)


  1. Dusten had no choice but to give Ronnie up peacefully. Because he loves his daughter so much, he did not want her to be taken forcibly. He did not want guns involved or the possibility of anyone getting shot. The way they proceeded with this, it certainly doesn't seem as if the Crapos cared about that trauma to Ronnie at all. I wonder what they think (if they even think about it at all) Tommy Brown being so traumatized that he may have had a heart attack.

  2. The best part is she will get to the age when she can live as she choses without a court forcing her to live with foster parents who robbed her from her true parent. I feel sorry for the Copabiancos who think they can buy love at the expense of hurting others. If this was truly about Veronica, they would have left her stay with her true father and went about finding another child who desperately need a loving home, but this was only about themselves. Ego, greed and selfishness are really what this was about but in the end, they will lose her for what they did.

  3. She will get to the age where she can legally leave the Copabiancos and return to her father. The courts won't be able to force to stay then. She will never bond with people who are just foster parents to her and to what they did to her father. God have mercy on the Copabiancos.

  4. I saw this posted on a blog and thought that it was appropriate to your posting about Dusten.

    Unfortunately Jessica Munday's people at Trio Solution have been spreading many of these lies. One of them is Bradley Caricofe a Systems Administrator at Trio Solutions, Jessica Munday's firm in Mt Pleasant, SC. Brad Caricofe supports movements like Munday;s the Coalition for the protection of Indian Children to destroy Indian sovereignty. Brad has waged a vicious campaign against Dusten Brown by continuously posting comments on Charleston's P&C like:

    Brown made no attempt to inquire about the well being of the child for 120 after her birth. During that time the Capobiancos, who never abandoned her or had doubts about parenting, became emotionally attached to the child... 8/25/13

    Matt Capobianco is the child's birth father and was there to cut the baby girl's umbilical cord. Brown is the biological father who knew the due date yet made no inquiry into the well being of the child or mother until 120 days later. Where were all these "protestors" when Brown harmed the child emotionally with his insane transfer of custody? I don't think these folks are very intelligent.... 8/21/13

    Funny that Bradley exposed Dusten's criminal record but never said anything about his own as Bradley H Caricofe on Instant Checkmate. Maybe Bradley was delinquent for child support!

    --Cynthia M.

  5. The Charleston NAACP President just wrote an article on Baby Veronica and Baby Deseray fro the ICTMN. I can't reprint the whole piece but here's a part of it:

    Our children are not chattels to be conveniently sold to adoptive parents who care more about what they want than what is best for the child. What gives them the right to take a minority child when a loving and adoring father wants to raise her? While contributing eggs and sperm doesn’t necessarily make a good mother or father, neither does fighting a prolonged court battle to win custody and securing a public relations firm to accuse the birth father of being a deadbeat dad.

    Real mothers and fathers will always do what’s best for the child, and if that child is happy with her biological parent, no one should attempt to sever that bond.

    From all accounts of both the Baby Veronica and Baby Desaray cases, I believe that there should be a thorough investigation of the birth mothers, the adoptive parents, and the attorney for the adoption agency to ensure that the civil rights of these children and their biological fathers have not been violated.

    We as a nation must protect the civil rights of children of all races. Above all, we must remember that the words of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King remind us that our children too are “created equal."

    1. Thank you Mike D. and all the commenters. I agree completely there needs to be an investigation into adoption as an industry who fills orders for babies and the couples who pay money for a human prize.


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What our Nations are up against!

What our Nations are up against!

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