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Friday, February 6, 2015

CALLED HOME: Book Contributors

We are honored that these adoptees (or relatives of adoptees) contributed to CALLED HOME:

Suzie Fedorko,
Andrea Hill,
Anecia O'Carroll,   
Ben Ani Chosa,
Cynthia Lammers, 
Debby Poitras, 
Elizabeth Blake,
Evelyn Red Lodge,  
Gail Huggard,
Janell Black Owl,  
Jessup Fasthorse Neubert,
Janell Loos,   
Joan Kauppi,
Johnathan Brooks,  
Lawrence Sampson,
Leland Morrill,  
Lynn Grubb,
Kim Shuck (relative of adoptee),   
Mark Heiser,
Mary St. Martin,  
Meschelle Linjean,
Patrick Yeakey,  
Terry Niska,
Thomas Pierce,  
Samantha Franklin,
Alice Diver,    
Leland Morrill,
Patricia Busbee (editor),
Trace DeMeyer Hentz (editor),
Starla Bilyeu,   
Douglas LittleJohn,
Mitzi Lipscomb,
Karen Kaminawaish M.A., M.S.,
Thayla Barrett,   
Jesse Stonefield,
Karen Ann Jefferson,   
Levi EagleFeather,
Brit Reed,  
Catie Ransom,
Kim Dupre (relative of adoptee),   
Karla Mena,
Lisa Bos,
Drew Rutledge,
Michael Pintozzi,   
Marylyn Jean Chrismer,
Sheryl Lee Sinclair,  
Mary Thompson,
Amelia Cagle,       

Suzanne Zahrt Murphy (poet) and Judi Armbruster (poet) (not adoptees)

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60s Scoop Settlement

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