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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

If it happens in Canada, will it happen here? #StolenGenerations

Adoption Council Applauds Human Rights Tribunal Decision re: First Nations Children — OTTAWA, ON--(Marketwired - January 26, 2016) - The Adoption Council of Canada applauds the landmark ruling by the Canadian Human Rights tribunal, which has today recognized the federal government's discrimination in the provision of child and family services for First Nations' children and families living on reserve and in the Yukon.

Supporting First Nations' children and youth in finding permanent families also requires the commitment of post-permanency resources at the same level as these children and youth required when they were in care.
"The leadership of Cindy Blackstock and the First Nations' Caring Society was essential in securing this vital decision," says Laura Eggertson, interim executive director of the Adoption Council of Canada. "As a result, First Nations children on-reserve and in the Yukon face the prospect of a better future."

By Trace Hentz (editor of American Indian Adoptees blog)

Canada is a blur with news about the injustice of adoption practices (aka cultural genocide) and lack of funding for First Nations families to receive monies to keep families intact. And if children need to be into foster care, then keep the siblings together.
That is Canada, not the US.
One of the reasons I post on this blog about Canada is they are making headway in news stories and the US is not.
If it happens in Canada, can it happen here too?
I hope so. I really do.
Human trafficking involves money and certain people who profit. Adoption is a form of human trafficking, taking a child from the reservation and placing them with a non-Indian parent for a fee. The agency makes money in that transaction. That the Adoption Council of Canada is making this proclamation means to them that those monies will soon dry out. You can't run an adoption agency without product (children and babies) and the reserve was a source of that product.

This story I posted on my other blog in 2013!:

Some things never change: more Stolen Generations

English: A public broadcast of Kevin Rudd's fo...
A public broadcast of Kevin Rudd’s formal apology to the Stolen Generations at Elder Park, Adelaide. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SOURCE As a Native American who has experienced upheaval and survived my own closed adoption, the devastating loss of my culture and my language cannot be overstated as a loss to me, to my family and to other adoptees I know who endured it. This media release struck me that some things never change, either in the US or in Australia. If we do not teach this history, we are doomed to repeat it – over and over.
Poverty is the worst form of violence and the Third World and Indian Country is still suffering the effects, generation after generation… Trace/Lara

Concerned Australians MEDIA RELEASE 20 May 2013


The most recent data shows that children being moved into out-of-home care in the Northern Territory is increasing at an alarming rate and that two-thirds of these children are placed with non-Indigenous families away from their communities…
‘Concerned Australians’ invites the Chief Minister to join the campaign to keep Aboriginal children safely in their communities. We know Adam Giles cares very greatly about the safety of children and we call on him and his ministers, and all those in the Northern Territory who have the capacity to influence policy, to throw their support behind:

An increase in Aboriginal-managed Family Support services in all Aboriginal communities, including the establishment of Family Group Conferencing processes when there are concerns regarding child safety
A reversal of the decision that cut funds to the Community Sector
We ask you to hear the words of Elder Dr Djiniyini Gondarra OAM: A Yolŋu child has a spirituality, his own ‘skin’, his culture, language, and place in his community. He belongs to that country and its people. You are committing a deep wrong by taking that away from him…
And, This is why so many of the Stolen Generation have suffered so much. The deep psychological trauma from being taken away has led so many of them to substance abuse, contact with the criminal courts and family breakdown. And the trauma is then passed onto their children.

This is a matter of urgency. We do not wish to see the emergence of another Stolen Generation.

1 comment:

  1. I'm happy to read they're making strides in Canada. We're slow on progress when it comes to social issues, but we'll get there.


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