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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Propaganda, more money chanelled to adoption via #OXYGEN Channel


By Trace Hentz

First watch their video and read this:

"Oxygen's new series "I'm Having Their Baby" provides viewers with a look at the adoption experience by chronicling birth mothers as they face the decision whether or not to place their children with another family."


NOW: I have a better show idea - go interview the doctors who diagnose the adoptees (and some mothers) with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - or adoptees stuck in mental hospitals - or tell the stories of abusive adoptive homes or children languishing in foster care  - or the struggle to keep families intact in poverty-stricken areas - but NOT THIS.
It would be like torture to watch a woman give up her baby - what kind of idiot would think up something so perverse? What planet are we living on here, folks? What century is this?
Why are their unplanned pregnancies in this modern age? How about having a member of your family raise your child if you can't???
Didn't the media get the message yet? Adoption hurts people and even kills people! Adoptees and some birth moms commit suicide! Hasn't OXYGEN done any research?

Instead OXYGEN chooses to glamourize it - and f'cking plug these celebrity adopters again and again:

"Celebrity adoptions"
"In recent years, a number of prominent celebrities have have adopted children through private domestic adoption and international adoption. Though Angelina Jolie may be the first one to come to mind, she's certainly not alone. Sandra Bullock, Kristin Davis, Edie Falco, Joely Fisher, Katherine Heigl, Hugh Jackman, Diane Keaton, Nicole Kidman (and Tom Cruise), Madonna, Ewan McGregor, Denise Richards, Meg Ryan, Charlize Theron and many more celebrities are adoptive parents.

If celebrities adopt, then it must be OK, right?
THIS is how they promote selling a baby to the highest bidder?

They choose the word "BIRTHMOTHER" when most of us in the blog world call them mothers and first mothers.  Again, OXYGEN is not paying attention!

"Adoption from the birth mother's view"

We often see stories of adoption from the point of view of the adoptive parents or the adoptees, but there's a third party to every adoption -- the birth mother.

Oxygen Media recently announced the premiere of its newest docu-series I'm Having Their Baby on Monday, July 23, at 11PM ET/PT. The series aims to provide viewers with a sneak peek into the adoption process by capturing the often untold stories of birth mothers as each one is faced with the difficult decision to place her baby for adoption.
Each hour-long episode chronicles the heart-wrenching, powerful stories of two birth mothers struggling with unplanned pregnancies as they decide whether to place their babies in the hands of another family.

The commodification of infants means more babies for sale and more money, money, money.....

I expect some of you will totally disagree with me.



  1. I also wrote a post on my own blog about this show from a birth mother's point of view (that's what I call myself. I'm living an open adoption with my now 2.5 year old daughter and her parents). I don't like the show or any like it either.

  2. Monica, I read your blog post and noted your openness and bravery. Thank you for commenting here. It's greatly appreciated!

  3. "If you want to understand how an adoptee feels and the toll adoption takes on us, read my book, please."

    I truly feel for you if you have had a bad experience as an adopted child.

    But Please do not give the impression that you speak for all of us adopted children. Because you do not speak for all adopted children

    I am adopted. I was adopted as a newborn and I have a loving family and have not had a bad experience from being adopted. My older sister is not adopted, but my parents were unable to have a second child though they tried for 8 years. I have known I was adopted since I was old enough to understand (maybe 3?) and it has never been an issue. I have never felt abandoned or "sold" I was wanted and loved. I have a lot of respect for my birth mother and any woman that goes through the hard choice of carrying and then giving up their child because they want their child to have a better life.

    My parents, sister and extended family have never treated me (or my 2 cousins who are also adopted) any differently than the other family members. It isn't an issue and it never has been. Family is more than blood.

    2 years ago I contacted my birth parents because I wanted my medical history, and my birth mother was very nice and we exchange a merry christmas or happy birthday every now and then but my parents are my parents and my family is my family - love them or hate them on any given day - I would not trade them for anything :) If I was not adopted I would not have met my family and I would not have had the life that I do. I admire my birth mother for making that hard decision and I am thankful that she did it :)


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