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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Papal Bull declared war on Indians in 1452

"The power to commit horrible crimes against children, and others, and then absolve itself and the rapists and killers it shields within its ranks, has made the Vatican a criminal, rogue body under every international standard of law and morality."

Read about the Papal Bull and what it means to federal laws here today in the US in the article "Ending Catholicism And Related U.S. Imperialism" by Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer at

Papal Bull declares the legitimacy of Christian domination over (Indian) pagans, sanctifying enslavement and expropriation of property:

Romanus Pontifex, January 8, 1455 - …We bestow suitable favors and special graces on those Catholic kings and princes, …athletes and intrepid champions of the Christian faith… to invade, search out, capture, vanquish, and subdue all Saracens and pagans whatsoever, and other enemies of Christ wheresoever placed, and… to reduce their persons to perpetual slavery, and to apply and appropriate… possessions, and goods, and to convert them to… their use and profit.* (European Treaties bearing on the history of the United States and its Dependencies to 1648, Editor Francis Gardiner Davenport, pages 20-26)

HISTORY: Papal Bulls are the fabric of United States and International law. Papal authority is the basis for United States power over Indigenous peoples, not generally understood. The Doctrine of Discovery is still being used as an active legal principle by the United States Supreme Court in the twentieth-first century, revealed in the case City of Sherrill v. Oneida Indian Nation of New York decided in March 2005. The case involved a dispute over taxation of ancestral lands of the Oneida Indian Nation. During oral arguments, it became clear that the case would hinge on whether, in the opinion of the Court, the Oneida Indian Nation “has sovereignty status” with regard to the ancestral lands the Oneida Nation had reacquired. To decide the sovereign status of the Oneida Indian Nation, the Supreme Court relied upon the Doctrine of Discovery. Revealed in footnote number one of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsbergʼs decision for the Court majority: “Under the Doctrine of Discovery,” wrote Justice Ginsberg, “... fee title to the lands occupied by Indians when the colonists arrived became vested in the sovereign — first the discovering European nation and later the original states and the United States... The Supreme Courtʼs reference to the Doctrine of Discovery places the context for the Courtʼs decision in Sherrill v. Oneida Indian Nation of New York within the Framework of Dominance, dating back to the era of the Vatican Papal Bulls.”
Empire attitudes and dominance are not dead. ----Trace


  1. Horrifying but not surprising Trace.Von

  2. The article fails to mention the Pope didn't even know about native Americans until Columbus returned from his voyage which was in 1492. How could the Pope declare war on native Americans in 1455, if he didn't even know they existed until 1492?

    The 1455 Papal Bull's target was "enemies of Christ." Essentially, they had defeated the invading Muslim Armies and liberated Spain and Portugal from those invading armies, and were now preparing to bring the war across the Mediterranean sea to the enemy which still had pirates working in the Mediterranean sea. After defending themselves from invasion for 600 years, the Catholics of Spain and Portugal had driven the Muslim invaders out, and were preparing to kick butt all over North Africa, which they did.

    The invading Muslim armies had been grabbing Christians and bringing them back to North Africa to be sold as slaves.

    The first Papal Bull addressing the native Americans was Sublimus Dei
    ad it prohibitted the enslavement of native Americans.
    The local governors didn't always obey the Emperor of Spain (who issued the same order) and the Pope though, so in Lima, Peru when the local Bishop sent a letter complaining to the Pope the local governor was enslaving native americans, the Pope wrote a letter to the Emperor chewing him out, and the Emperor wrote a letter to the local governor chewing him out, and the local governor was so angry, he had the local Bishop publicly flogged. The local Bishop was smart enough not to complain about the flogging.

  3. Native Americans were enslaved by the boatloads - per Columbus journals and prior to Columbus travels, there were reports of RED MAN in canoes - so Europe did know North America had inhabitants.

  4. I agree that the 1455 Papal Bull is culpable, as "enemies of Christ' could also be interpreted as anyone who did not worship Christ, or believe in him as Messiah. Also, empires have a history of publicly flogging inferiors for things they actually condone as standard but don't want to be known for, right? Like for example punishing individual soldiers for torture while using it as standard operating procedure against 'Jihadis'?


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