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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Letter to anyone willing to help by adoptee Leland P. Morrill (Navajo)

By Leland P. Morrill, Adopted Native American Citizenship Affected by The REAL ID Act of 2005
[on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 6:41pm]

To: Those willing to help provide resources:
Thank you. Please read and reply. I invite you to read my Facebook information, my notes and blog entries. Hopefully this Facebook Page will begin the process of Change for Native Americans Affected by THE REAL ID ACT of 2005.
I, Leland P. Morrill e-mailed Representative F. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) sometime in early 2010 with the express concern that H.R. 419 The Real ID ACT of 2005 is affecting me and asuming, many other Adopted Native Americans or Native Americans who will apply or renew their State issued Identification or State issued Drivers License and will no longer qualify for lack of documentation. Rep. Sensenbrenner or his office did not reply by letter or e-mail.


REAL ID ACT of 2005 passages affecting me and possibly other Native Americans:
(pg 43) Minimum document requirements:
(pg 44) (2) The person’s date of birth.
(pg 45) (B) Documentation showing the person’s date of birth
(i) IN GENERAL.—If a person presents evidence under any of clauses (v) through (ix) of subparagraph (B), the State may only issue a temporary driver’s license or temporary identification card to the person. (ii) EXPIRATION DATE.—A temporary driver’s license or temporary identification card issued pursuant to this subparagraph shall be valid only during the period of time of the applicant’s authorized stay in the United States or, if there is no definite end to the period of authorized stay, a period of one year.
There will be undocument Native Americans who will find through their respective state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) they no longer have the eligible documentation to maintain or be issued an Identification Card or Drivers License. Some will be issued a temporary "paper" 1 to 6 month extension, up to one year, as per The Real ID ACT of 2005. Others will not. Once the State issued temporary extension, Identification, Drivers License expires, these Native Americans (me included) will become undocumented, thus illegal with no papers.
One of the main reasons for me setting up this Facebook page is because I never received correspondence from Representative Sensenbrenner. In addition, through 22 years of research, my own research has resulted in obtaining a State of Arizona Certificate of No Birth, keep in mind the Navajo Nation adopted me out in Chinle, Arizona.
My State of Arizona "Certificate of No Birth," was issued December 21, 2010, the result of my continuous research since September 07, 1989.
So far, with the help of my close friends, and people willing to help, my own financing, tens of thousands of USdollars later, I now have a State of Arizona Certificate of No Birth and a second State issued 6 month temporary paper Drivers License expiring July 13, 2011. My United States of America CITIZENSHIP expires on that date, again JULY 13, 2011. By virtue of the REAL ID ACT of 2005, States may only issue temporary Drivers Licenses and Identification for those who currently have one for an additional year. I am one of those cases. Representative Sensenbrenner's Real ID ACT of 2005 will make me an ILLEGAL ALIEN who cannot work, and cannot access medical care, obtain a credit card, bank account, vote, and any right that is afforded a United States Citizen because of not having a current State issued Identification Card or Drivers License. My citizenship expires July 13, 2011 after my second 6month temporary State issued Drivers License does.

SPECIAL NOTE: The Navajo Nation adopted me, a Navajo Orphan, out of the tribe on July 15, 1971 throught their Trial Court of the Navajo Tribe, Judicial District of Chinle Arizona without a Birth Certificate, Navajo Census Number or Navajo Certificate of Indian Blood.
My adopted parents Stan and Gwena Morrill attempted to obtain a Birth Certificate but the Navajo Court system never granted one through reasons of their own. (this is an update because of a February 25, 2011 8:00am conversation with Alisia at the Window Rock Navajo Nation Vital Statistics Office and me verifying this with my adopted mother, Gwena Morrill)

There will be others who will follow behind me, who may or may not have been adopted out of their respective Native Nations within the boundaries of the United States of America. Myself and all who follow need the help, financial resources, and a path to secure United States of America Citizenship. This is an expensive and lengthy process. What I am proposing is to set up some type of agency, be it non-profit or what-ever because the path to maintain citizenship will be very costly and time consuming without one. There are legal fees, postage fees, Notary Fees, and in some cases livelihood, such as employment will be affected. Some Native Americans who do not have access to their respective Nations services will become homeless, jobless, and unable to access any services such as unemployment, social security, health, etc simply because they no longer have a current State issued Identification Card or Drivers License.
WE NEED TO HELP...I can't accomplish this on my own. I need help.
I need to obtain my own State Issued Birth Certificate, Certificate of Indian Blood, or Census Number so I can maintain my US Citizenship requirements through The REAL ID ACT of 2005.
I need to raise funding to create awareness, become politically active, stand in front of U.S. Congress, talk to State and and U.S. Representatives, Tribal/Nation Leaders/Presidents, State DMV Directors and their staff. This takes immense amount of resources: Money, Talent, Time are among them.
I am willing to be the National Face of Native Americans who are affected by The REAL ID ACT of 2005. I am willing to testify, provide public comment in front of political decision makers, presidents of native nations, foundations or those who are willing to provide funding, keeping in mind it takes more than my own funds to accomplish this.
PLEASE read my Facebook Page Information, notes and my blog entries for my story, then ask yourself: AM I WILLING TO HELP?  WHO IS WILLING TO HELP?
My contact information is: Leland P. Morill, email:
Please use the subject line: Adoption: Leland Kirk

[note from Trace: I emailed Leland today and offered my book and my help. Please email him a letter of support. He is correct. He is not the only adoptee this will affect. Visit and share his Facebook page.]


  1. Trace, Thank you so much for posting my story on your blog! I wondered if there were others blogging about Adopted Native Americans.

  2. This is an outrage, and I can relate in regards to not having 'proper' documentation.. Many of us are falling thru the cracks..Best of luck Leland..Thanx for posting trace..Peace and blessings to all.

  3. Trace, Thank you so much for posting my story on your blog! I wondered if there were others blogging about Adopted Native Americans.


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